by Marjorie Truesdale

I really enjoy the changing tree color this season, especially a maple we planted 15 years ago. Heart of America Ministry Women as an organization, is also experiencing a season of change.

From a small group of pastors' wives who met monthly in 1998, to including any woman in ministry at Annual Conferences and Prayer Summits, (2000-2009), the ministry grew to include women from all over the United States. A 4-day School of Prayer was held in 2011.

Since that date, the information on our website has become most of the ministry's outreach, with visitors from across the globe.

As of the end of 2014, the ministry will take a more dormant role. There have been requests to maintain the website, which we will continue for 2015. Occassionally additional articles, recommended books, and conference events will be posted. Those we will note on the home page.

Many have asked me how I am personally feeling about "welcoming a winter season". The Lord has prepared me for this and I know it is His timing. I actually welcome less responsibility. I will continue to lead a prayer workshop or facilitate a book study.