Let Your Prayers be Guided By The Ten Commandments!

1. Pray that God would be worshipped above all else in our land.

2. Ask God to reveal our nationís idolatry.

3. That the Lordís name will be honored; ask God to bring fresh conviction against profanity and depravity.

4. Pray that Godís people will set an example for this nation by honoring the Lord through a Sabbath rest.

5. Intercede that the family will be restored to its rightful place of honor and respect.

6. Pray that the culture of death would be broken; pray for a culture of life to reign.

7. Intercede for marriages in this land; as God to restore the sanctity of the marriage bond.

8. Pray that personal property would be respected; that both personal and institutional theft would end.

9. Intercede for a day when integrity and concern for our fellow man would cause us to honor our neighbors.

10. Ask God to break the materialism, which grips our land; pray that men and women would discover their true purpose in serving the Lord.

Let us come to Him with open hearts and empty hands, turning from ourselves and toward our God. Then and only then will we see true revival in our land.

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ďPrayer is a form of spiritual bombing to saturate any area before Godís army of witnesses begin their advance. Prayer is the barrage to drive back the demon hosts which are determined to stop the triumph of Christ. Prayer is the invincible force to break down every opposing wall, to open every iron gate and every fast-closed door crumbles. Prayer penetrates every curtain of darkness. Prayer crumbles every bastion of darkness. Prayer demolishes every fortress of hell. Prayer is the all conquering, invincible weapon of the army of God. Therefore Jesus, our victorious Captain, lives to intercede.Ē
Dr. Wesley Duewel